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Equine Products is one of the pioneers in the development of nutritional feed supplements designed to safeguard equine health and well-being, and help horses perform to their full potential.

Over 25 years ago we were among the first to recognise that horses, like human beings, may not always get all their nutritional requirements from the basic foods they eat. We also recognised then that feeding was the most natural way of addressing any deficiencies, and ever since we have been leading the way in producing supplements formulated and manufactured to ensure that you can be certain you are feeding your horses all the essential ingredients of a complete and balanced diet.

Selenavite E Powder

Product: Selenavite Tubs

Recognised as a comprehensive and effective all-round quality horse and pony feed supplement.

Selenavite E is a balanced supplement which provides some 22 micronutrients including trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. There is no better way to assist the ongoing health, wellbeing and good condition of your horse or pony. Available in 500g, 1.5kg, 4kg and 10kg tubs.

Selenavite E Liquid

Product: Selenavite Tubs

Selenavite e Liquid is a comprehensive horse and pony feed supplement, specially formulated in a palatable molasses base.

Selenavite E Liquid is a balanced supplement providing essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids

It is designed to dleiver an effective daily supplementation in a convenient liquid formulation, ensuring maximum performance from your horse or pony.

Haemavite B Plus

Product: Selenavite Tubs

This highly palatable
supplement is designed to
assist in the maintenance of
healthy blood levels and
contains four key elements
in an appetising syrup base.

It is routinely fed prior to races or competition to assist maximum
levels of essential blood nutrients needed by horses and ponies whenin hard work. Additional amounts should be fed only on veterinary advice, and maybe useful when recovering from viral anaemia. Avaialble in 50g sachets, 1ltr and 5ltr containers.

No Ties

Product: Selenavite Tubs

A new scientifically formulated supplement to help
relieve the effects of lactic acid build up in race horses, eventers, show jumpers, trotters and horses competing in endurance events. Accumulation of lactic acid in the blood and muscles can occur in horses that are in rigorous training, or those fed a high concentrate ration. No Ties is an acid base balancer, which will assist in the management of susceptible animals by maintaining the horses buffer system and easing muscle fatigue. Available in 1ltr and 2.5ltr containers.

Iron Plus

Product: Selenavite Tubs

A concentrated iron
supplement specifically
formulated to assist in the
maintenance of the iron and energy status of your horse.
When a horse or pony’s performance becomes lacklustre, Iron Plus
tonic may help restore the sparkle it needs.
Ideal for eventers, showjumpers and all competition horses. This quick-acting formulation also helps sustain peak performance over prolonged periods. Available in 1ltr containers.

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