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The Original Hoof Supplement

The importance of nutrition to the growth and quality of a healthy hoof was unheard of in 1979 when Farrier's Formula® (formerly named Hoof and Hair) was developed and introduced by J. Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS. The concept of "feeding the hoof" was born and a new segment of the equine industry was created.

Farrier's Formula® was developed to provide the nutrients needed to enable horses to build strong structural and connective tissue proteins (tendon, ligaments, bones, joints). Developed almost thirty years ago, it has always contained nutrients such as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, etc. that have only recently been recognized as important "players" to help produce healthy dermal tissues.

It has been the #1 recommended product by farriers in the U.S. for twelve consecutive years and is the "gold standard" by which imitation products are compared. Rival manufacturer's unsupported claims for products directly imitating Farrier's Formula® should be treated with suspicion. Farrier's Formula® is the first product of its kind based on conclusive scientific research and published in referred journals.

How Farrier's Formula® was Developed

Farrier's Formula® is the first supplement of its kind to be scientifically based on the laboratory testing of blood collected from hundreds of horses. Each blood sample was tested for more than 175 different factors. By entering this data into a computerized database, Dr. Gravlee was able to determine through statistical analysis which nutrients were lacking in the horses with poor-quality hooves. Once the deficient nutrients were identified, Dr. Gravlee then produced Farrier's Formula® nutritional hoof supplement. In every scoop of Farrier's Formula® there is thirty years of experience and research with numerous clinical studies and field trials.

In 1988, Dr. Gravlee subjected Farrier's Formula® to independent university research to again prove its efficacy. The research was done at the University of Edinburgh by Dr. Susan Kempson and is available upon request.

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