Equestrian & Farm Feeds
Equestrian & Farm Feeds


EFF Lisburn recognise that, as in humans, it is with horses. No one diet or brand suits all. Horsemanship skills still remain the key to the successful production of an animal that best meets the purpose for which it is intended whilst meeting the horses physical and psychological nutritional demands.

The modern restraints on horse's normal feeding patterns, imposed by owners,  the responsibility of ensuring these demands are met dependent on the individual horse or pony. From leisure horses and ponies to Grand Prix and Olympic level.

To that end we have endeavoured to make strategical alliances with the the top end of the equine feeding manufacturers and bring to our customers the very best there is available.

From laminitics to sweet itch sufferers, poor doers to highly strung unmanageables. We are confident that within the ranges we have on offer, and available for delivery, the very best products on the market and we can and will solve your feeding issues.

On site we stock such brands as Redmills,Dengie, Spillers, Allen & page, Dodson & Horrell, are just some of the top feed brands that are stocked on site. As well as a full Chaff range, from Mollichaff to own brand manufactured Chaff.

To best serve this purpose the list below has links to the individual sites of the products we supply. There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips and once you have researched the best product for you just hit the contact page and we will advise you of your nearest stockist.